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Mark Slow Loaf Owner

Meet Me

I trained aged 18 at an industrial bakery (Sunblest) and left shortly afterwards, as pushing buttons was not my idea of making Artisan bread.

I worked then in several bakeries learning my craft in London.

I worked on days off at the Revel Bakery ,and Maurice encouraged me to work from home selling on the drive and teaching on a Sunday.

I only use the finest Organic Flours I can source, currently these are supplied by Matthews, good enough for Prince Charles Good enough for us humble Peasants.

If we all bake 2 loaves 1 for yourself and 1 for your neighbor may just may be we can start to dent the big Chorley Wood bread factories which in my opinion are a major contributor to the nations weight issue,with the hidden fats, sugars, improvers they use.

I love making Bread so come and taste the love/pleasure in each loaf